S3 - The impact of economic crisis and austerity policy on urban and regional development and inequalities in Europe

Organisation: PSYCHARIS Yannis / TSELIOS Vassilis

Key-words: Economic crisis, regional inequalities, regional development, urban segregation

The urban and regional impact of economic crisis constitutes one of the core issues for regional scientists, urban economists, economic geographers and spatial planners. This issue is also relevant to theory and policy of urban and regional development and European integration. This is the right moment to capitalize the research findings on this topic. First, economic crisis is still one of the core issues in scientific discussion and policy practice across Europe. Second, the gradual availability of statistical data has triggered new empirical research with flourishing contributions from different countries. Finally, interdisciplinary research makes this subject very attractive to scientists in regional science. 

This call of abstracts is anticipated to attract papers which deal with theory, empirical analysis and policy for regional development in times of economic and fiscal crisis. The comparative analysis of the differentiated impacts of crisis across European countries and regions and the policy responses, policy tools and recovery strategies offer a large variety of topics that will be included in this research network. In addition, due to the fact that crisis puts at great risk the achievements and costs of cohesion policies - since regional economies experiencing a significant decline in economic activity - this work questions the viability of local economies and the sustainable path for economic recovery and convergence. Since regional policy has been one of the core policies of the European Union this network primarily questions the pace of the European integration process. This crisis questions the effectiveness of policies applied to different countries in ameliorating the crisis impacts and compares the outcomes, policy tools and achievements. Finally, this session is anticipated to discuss a new set of questions regarding the ‘new norm’ for regional development after the economic crisis. Furthermore, austerity policy has had a tremendous impact on regional development, wellbeing and segregation in cities and regions. These issues will also be examined in the proposed special session.