S4 - The new dimensions of Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Knowledge Economy in a changing Europe

Organisation: BALOMENOU Chrysanthi

Key-words: Local Entrepreneurship and Endogenous Regional Growth, Entrepreneurial - Business/Bank Marketing, Academic/Education Entrepreneurship, Cross Country Paradigms in the European Union.

The scope of this proposed special session is to investigate the new dimensions and present the new perspectives, in the concept of adopting entrepreneurial culture, in Business Marketing and Knowledge Economy (mainly, Universities) activities, emerging  in the context of the economic uncertain circumstances, due to occurring financial crisis, in Europe. The above subject related to the influence on the local entrepreneurship and endogenous regional growth/development, has been attracting increasing interest from, regional scientists, regional development policy makers, practitioners, economists, academics in order to give rise to regional economic welfare in each European country. Consequently, the main target here, is to highlight the challenges  in generating and developing suitable measures and proposals for a successful performance/impact of: a) an entrepreneurial marketing, that offers an adequate picture of how to acquire high growth for local firms (i.e. supporting of local entrepreneurship) in the new economic era  and b) a market oriented university in spatial knowledge spillovers – academic research mobility on the basis of regional – social networks, stemming from collaboration (universities –industries) networks in a level of intra-inter and extra regional knowledge flows, something very important in times of uncertainty in European  socioeconomic environment.

Thus, the present proposal takes up the aforementioned suggestions and intends to bring together contributions by scholars who will explore from both a theoretical and an empirical viewpoint, the factors that combine with local entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial Marketing and Market oriented Universities to influence firms and industry dynamics in general and with regard to selected number of inter and cross country paradigms and exploratory, comparative studies, in the new economic era of a ganging Europe. More specifiacally, the examining special session aims to cover research issues related to a broad range of interdisciplinary  topics, such as:  Entrepreneurship, Growth and Innovation, under uncertainty in Europe, Endogenous Regional Growth and Knowledge Assets in European countries, Drivers of Entrepreneurial Marketing and University Activities, A Market Oriented University and Endogenous Regional Development: Perspectives and Empirical investigation, Knowledge Flows and Local Entrepreneurship in the new European socioeconomic Era, Entrepreneurial Marketing and the Growth of Small – Medium sized Firms in the New Economic Era of European Union, Entrepreneurial Universities – Industries  Local Knowledge spillovers: A Cross Country Exploratory Study, The dimensions of Bank Marketing in times of turmoil: New perspectives and successful paradigms, The differentiation of the behavior of bank customers during the current financial crisis, from a Marketing perspective: Characteristic cross country case studies, Local Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Development, in a changing Europe: The role of Business Marketing.